The History of York City Water Polo Club

York City Baths Club is steeped in tremendous tradition and success. Its competitors, past and present, have reached the top of their sport; from regional competition up to the heights of Olympic achievement.

The Club was formed following the amalgamation of the York City Swimming Club and the York City Baths club in 1951, and has continued to go from strength to strength ever since. The club is an umbrella organisation for a number of teams, which include a Swim Instruction section, Competitive swimming section, a Masters swimming section, Triathlon section and now, an ever-growing Water Polo Club.

The York City Water Polo Club first entered the National League in 1966 and performed well until 1971, when it merged with other teams from the area to form County of York Water Polo Team. The team successfully competed in the National Water Polo League until 1984, taking the Division 2 Title in both 1966 and 1976. The club celebrates 3 Great British representatives during this period, Peter Kendrew, David Howarth and David Clegg. The newly formed Youth Section is benefitting from the vast experience of David Clegg, who can still be seen putting the next generation through its paces during our junior training sessions.

York City Water Polo Club has recently seen a dramatic increase in membership that has led to the proposed entry into the National League once again. A Community Link has been established between the Club and the University of York Water Polo team and the interest generated has led to the introduction of a second team to the local Wakefield & District League to facilitate more competitive opportunities for Club members.

The York City Water Polo Club Youth section has recently been re-established and will enter the Wakefield and District Under-16 League for the first time in many years. With a strong base of water polo players across the community of York, an increasing talent pool and renewed interest in the sport through the Youth Section, the future looks bright for Water Polo in York. Consequently, the decision has been taken to enter a team into the National Water Polo League from September 2013. Although a significant commitment, the opportunity to develop players through this competition is one that cannot be missed. A strong and developing squad, coupled with a commitment to developing the Youth Section, could serve to re-establish York City Water Polo Club as a major force in the National Water Polo League.